Elusive sleep

15 Feb

With my first child, I had nothing better to do than rock her to sleep and sit for an hour with her asleep on my chest. Baby awake in the night? No problem! I could always nap during the day with her. We spent many an hour snoozing in the recliner together. There was no schedule for her. When she was tired, she slept. When she was awake, we played. The world was Norah’s playground.
And I was a moron.

Second child… I for some reason still hadn’t learned my lesson.  Obviously, taking care of 2 kids did put some limitations on what I could reasonably do.  Aaron took more naps alone, and I did try to give him a schedule, sort of.  One problem with Aaron was that until he was close to a year old, his crib was in our room because of where we lived.  Somehow, I ended up getting up in the night with him while I was still sleeping because I heard him so easily.  I frequently woke up with him in our bed and had no recollection of putting him there.  Oops.

So currently, I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old who fight going to bed at night and frequently are putting their feet in my face at 3 in the morning.  Matt and I often ask each other in a bleary-eyed stupor in the morning, “When did they even come in our room?”  We are tired.  We are exhausted.  We are worn out.

Our poor third child had no chance, really.  I arranged it early on so that his bed is farther from us than the others.  He is tucked into a corner in our bonus room separated by a hallway and stairs.  Honestly, just knowing Isaac’s personality, he probably would have slept all night regardless of where we put him, but as it is now, our not quite 9 month old sleeps all night and has for some time… or if he is waking up, I just don’t hear him.  He naps better too; he just slept for over two hours in his crib which would have been a miracle akin to the parting of the Red Sea with the others.  Thankfully, he doesn’t seem emotionally scarred for occasionally crying himself to sleep.  Granted, he cannot get himself out of his bed yet, but for now, I think I can say we are doing something right with him.

I know that with the big kids, our biggest glitch is consistency   It is all my fault.  I’ll acknowledge it.  Desperation for peace will sometimes make you do crazy things, things you swore you would never do.  Aaron is still our loose cannon, but I really do think that we are on the upswing with Norah because she is fighting less and staying in her bed more.  We are getting there.  Slowly but surely, we are getting there.  Thank goodness.  I’m beat.


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