My Kids’ -isms

8 Apr

I really wish I could have a camera on my kids all of the time because sometimes, they say such funny things.  I honestly could probably write a couple of things down every night, but I tend to forget them before I get the chance.  So, here is all I can remember from the past few days.

Norah: “You know the guy with the nose that grows when he lies?  His name is Po-key-nose.”

Norah: “Mama, move your big, fat hiney!”
Me: “NORAH!  Don’t say that!”
Norah: (very innocently) “Well, I had to say hiney ’cause butt is a bad word!”


When it comes to Aaron, it isn’t that he says things that are funny… it is more about the way he says things!  Norah spoke so clearly from very early on, but listening to Aaron’s very toddlerish speech makes us laugh so much, especially because he is SO serious sometimes!  Here are a couple of frequent quotes from him.  

“Dat mates me wee nurbus!”   (That makes me really nervous!)

“It no nunny!  It mates me wee-aff!”  (It’s so funny!  It makes me laugh!)


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