Oh, this 2 year old

30 Apr

With Norah, the “Terrible Twos” were full of tantrums.  For Aaron, the “Terrible Twos” have meant extreme weepy-ness and mischief.  Anything and everything can make him more hormonal than a pregnant woman, and he melts down frequently.    And, if there is something that the child can get into, he will for sure find it.

So, what happens when you marry those two aspects of my son?  As seen from a few weeks ago, you get this…


When asked why he cut his hair, Aaron stuck his bottom lip out and cried, “My hair wasn’t pretty!”  (He also mentioned in passing that it was “shark” (sharp) so he needed to cut it.)  So, my precious blonde boy is now sporting a summer buzz cut which he actually seems terribly proud of.  It was a learning experience for all, especially Mama, as now the scissors are far, far from his reach.

Fast forward to today.  Aaron refused to nap which lead to several frustrating moments.  At one point, I sent him to my room with specific instructions not to get off of my bed.  It was a relatively successful time of punishment as we had a good discussion at the end, and there was a major attitude improvement afterwards.

What I didn’t know was that during his exile, Aaron decided to channel his inner-artist.  Several hours later as I walked through my bedroom, I discovered this…


With a purple ink pen, Aaron wrote on my cream bed sheets.  I don’t even remember his explanation.  I must have blocked it out already.  *sigh*

I am trying not to be a hovering parent and stifle my kids, but Aaron has no fear.  After all, this is the boy who I found standing on our kitchen table trying to hang from our chandelier before he was walking well.  He hits the side of our house head on while riding his tricycle.  He has figured out how to climb into the top of our refrigerator.  He tried last week to ride his 4 wheeler down our road while standing on the seat.  Yet for every fearless act, a reprimand sends him sobbing to the floor saying, “I sow-y.  I wong.  Peas gib me!”  (I’m sorry.  I was wrong.  Please forgive me!)

It is a good thing that his Poppy fixes bones, and it is a good thing that I do not have a history of ulcers.  Oh, this boy, this crazy boy.  I could string him up by his toes some days, but every single day I am grateful for him.

If we can just make it out of these strange and crazy twos.


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