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Unicorns and rainbows

31 May

Norah told me the other day that it wasn’t fair that our family had more boys than girls.  She was quick to point out that Aaron and Isaac outnumber her so it would only be fair to add another girl to our family.  I used the moment to say that maybe at some point our family could look into adopting another child, possibly a girl.  After mulling it over, Norah smartly announced that we should indeed adopt a little girl and name her Unicorn.  She actually talked about Unicorn several times over a few days, insisting that we should adopt her very soon.

Matt informed me yesterday that Norah decided that our fish Sprinkle should be renamed Unicorn.  Matt laughed as he said that we were off the hook for that fourth child since the fish would be our Unicorn.  Norah told him very straight faced that we still need to adopt a daughter, but now she should be named Rainbow.  I made mention that if we actually did adopt, the child might just come to us with a name.  Norah said Rainbow could just be her middle name.  Oh, to be 4 and have everything so figured out!

In all seriousness, I have long felt a call to adoption although I recognize it as a dream of the far future.  (I mean, seriously, can you imagine what I would actually do with a fourth child?  Other than become eligible for a straight jacket, that is.)  We are blessed with a church that is very adoption minded and with friends who are taking God’s call to care for  orphans very seriously through fostering and adopting.  Maybe we will be fortunate enough to walk that road too one day.

I think for right now, though, I am going to let Unicorn and Rainbow stay in Norah’s daydreams.  I just don’t know that this world or our family are ready for that kind of excitement yet.