3 Jun












Tonight’s score: Pacifier, 0 and Garbage Disposal, 1


During supper clean up, I noticed something odd-looking in our garbage disposal.  I was honestly expecting the usual infant spoon to be the offender so a hunk of pacifier took me by surprise.  Armed with a flashlight, I got all that I could see and was thoroughly grossed out by the time I called it quits.  I know that I didn’t get it all, though.

Ironically, as I was looking at this chopped up paci on the counter, I realized that if I am honest with myself, I am just like that.  More days than not, I feel like I am in pieces, hacked up by circumstances or emotions.  For several weeks now, I have felt “off” for no particular reason which has been really frustrating.  And, I know that to some extent, I have to just tough it out because it is my season of life.  But, it stinks, nonetheless.

Oh, and some of my “chops” last week?  Aaron getting angry and telling me I am a butt.  Not getting to Isaac before he face-planted on the concrete.  Getting super behind on laundry.  Norah and Aaron tattling every time the other said something ugly, did something mean, didn’t obey my instructions, breathed or blinked incorrectly. Aaron saying, “Oh my God!” repeatedly at church and then telling people that he heard it from me and I say it everyday (which I most certainly do not).

Thankfully, God has given me some precious redeeming moments too.  I just have to get better about remembering those things during the public tantrums or at home melt downs.

Yeah, I’ll get right on that.  Tomorrow.


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