Happy First Birthday, Isaac!

22 Jun

Dear Isaac,

I am watching you this minute crawl around my room and you are saying, “Mama, mama,” as you find things to plunder in.  Baby boy, I am smiling listening to your sweet voice and remembering the day you were born.  One of the best things I could have done for that day was to have a friend and photographer, Kandi, come and document your birth.  She was amazing and gave us picture after picture of the most awesome memories that any parent can ask for.  It was a perfect day and reliving it often is such a joy.

So, after one whole year with you, what can I say about you, Isaac?  ‘Happy’ is the adjective that is synonymous with your name.  I cannot count how many people marvel at your countenance.  I am so glad that you seem to get so much joy from life already.  I know that is what you have provided our family day after day.

You are my constant reminder that God’s plans for me far surpass and exceed any ideas that I have for myself.  And, I adore you.  Daddy, Sissy, Buddy, and I absolutely adore you.  I pray His most abundant and rich blessings on you over the next year and for every day of your life.

I love you, Buster.  


Isaac’s Birth Story: http://vimeo.com/44770125
Thank you so much, kandimcphoto.com, for creating the most cherished of keepsakes for our family.  We love you!


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