Next stop crazy, indeed

7 Aug

I haven’t written in a while because frankly, other than a few one liners that I put up on Facebook on any given day, my life has been terribly unentertaining.  I just feel so crazy most days.  In fact, earlier today the thought occurred to me that I could put out an ad that reads: “Students, need community service for your resume?  Opportunity available to help a mentally unstable woman with everyday tasks.”

Part of my stress could be that I am in what may prove to be the most hectic/stressful week I will have for years.  I worked today; tomorrow is Norah’s birthday, and we take her to meet her Kindergarten teacher; Thursday is Norah’s first day of school and I have my own teacher inservice day plus I have to pack; Friday morning we are flying to Dallas; Saturday is my brother’s wedding in which I am the matron of honor, Norah is the flower girl, and both boys are ring bearers.  (Aaron is pulling Isaac down the aisle in a wagon.  The pessimist in me (or maybe just the realist) keeps envisioning an old western movie with a run away horse dragging a stage coach behind it.)  So, yeah, not much happening this week at all.  And, just for fun, Norah had a stomach virus yesterday, and Matt has been feeling pretty iffy today.  I can just see us loading the plane on Friday morning and one of the boys barfing on the gangway.  I feel like it is quite possible that we may be banned from air travel by the time this is all over.


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