Oh, boys…

1 Feb


It was confirmed today that the twins are boys.  And, I am still so shocked by that fact.  It seems most impossible.  In fact, I am more surprised to be having boys than I ever was about these babies actually being twins.  But let me back up.

I think from the very day that I found out I was pregnant, I just knew I was having a girl.  And then once our first ultrasound showed identical twins, it made absolute perfect sense to me that we were going to have twin girls.  Honestly, the thought NEVER crossed my mind that we would have boys.  As I told my sister-in-law today, if I were a betting person, I would have been willing to bet my house that we were having girls.  I can’t even tell you why, but having girls was the only thing that made any sense to me.  I have always thought it would be wonderful to have a sister and was thrilled that Norah would have 2 sisters!  Plus, we had two full girl names.  We were girl ready.  (And I have to just note that it wasn’t even about wanting one versus the other… I had my heart set on girls just because I knew that is what they were.)

On New Year’s Day, our sweet friend Emily took our family pictures that would announce our twin pregnancy.  I had bought girl and boy outfits so that we could take pictures holding them in anticipation of the day we would have a gender ultrasound.  We took the girl pictures first, and I almost told Emily that there was no need to even take the boy pictures.  Again… there was no way the twins were boys.  Just no stinking way.

Two weeks ago at 14 weeks, I had an ultrasound done to check on the babies and do some measurements.  When the tech asked if I wanted to know gender, I assured her that I did.  Matt was working, but he was ok with me finding out.  After all, it would be confirmation of what I had said all along.  As I watched the tech looking at Baby A, she said, “It is still early and I can’t be 100% sure, but this looks like a boy.”  She looked at different angles and moved to Baby B.  “Yep, this looks like a boy too.”  I was flabbergasted.  As I left that day, she told me again that she couldn’t be totally sure.  Don’t go out and buy clothes yet, she said.  Partially because I was in denial and partially because the tech had told me to wait until my next ultrasound to consider anything official, Matt and I made the decision to keep the possible gender a secret with the exception of a couple of close family members.  However, as I looked over those pictures over the past two weeks, I grew more and more convinced that she was right–these were boys!

Due to the crazy weather of the week and school being cancelled, Norah was able to go with me today for my 16 week ultrasound.  Knowing how much she was hoping for sisters (we had not told her about the boy theory from last time), I hoped that being able to see the babies on the screen would help with the disappointment that I felt like was coming for her.  And, I think (or at least I hope) that is exactly what happened.  The twins put on quite a show.  They kicked and rolled and moved, and it was so awesome to see both of them opening and closing their mouths and seemingly interact with each other.  At one point A was kicking B, and B’s hand started pushing back where A’s foot was moving.  The tech told Norah that they were both boys, and she seemed to accept that pretty well.  We really talked up the fact that she would get to stay the only princess in our house, and I let her tell her daddy when he called in between classes.

On a health note, the boys looked great.  Their fluid levels were great, the membrane looked good, and their cord blood flow was perfect.  Seeing both of them so active was a good sign too.  Anything can change between now and our next appointment on Valentine’s Day, but at least for the next two weeks, we can breathe a sign of relief that so far TTTS isn’t our reality right now.

So… boys… well, I have spent the last two weeks thinking about all of the wonderful things that our family will experience with having a girl and four boys.

  • As stated before, Norah gets to be the only girl in our house.  She is already becoming quite the mother hen, and I imagine this will increase at least triple-fold.
  • We only have to deal with 1 hormonal teenage girl.
  • In 10-15 years, the time it takes to get 5 teens/preteens ready for school will be considerably less.  Less hair to fix, less make up to apply, less arguments about bathroom time.
  • Matt will have to spend less time cleaning his gun on the porch during date pick-ups.
  • We only have to pay for one wedding.  (Matt is excited that he only has to give away one little girl!)  By the time the last boy gets married, we will be rehearsal dinner pros!
  • On the off chance that it was going to die off, there are now 4 opportunities for the Smith name to be carried on.

So, now that we know we gender, Matt and I get to start the task of trying to agree on not one but TWO boy names.  I will tell you this… based on the past two weeks of discussion, it doesn’t look promising!  And, you don’t need to feel compelled to suggest names to us because Matt only likes one name which of course I do not, and I am so ridiculously obsessive compulsive about a whole list self-imposed naming rules, that probably anything you suggest will get shot down.  But that will have to be my next blog post.  🙂


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