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The big kids say…

12 Mar

Norah and Aaron haven’t had too many questions about the twins which has been pretty surprising to me.  I expected more inquisitiveness, but they have been pretty confident in “knowing” what is going on without having to ask.  They frequently comment on the size of my growing belly, and Aaron on many occasions has said, “Mom, your belly is really big.  We are gonna have those twins soon!”  Oh, if only he knew that my size today will pale in comparison to the coming weeks!  Apparently, he has become more observant of peoples stomachs in general because upon seeing a woman recently who I happen to know is not pregnant, he said, “Look, she must be growing twins in her belly, too!”  Thankfully, she did not hear him, and we got to have a nice talk about not commenting about anyone’s tummy but Mommy’s!

Another point of discussion for the kids has been the names for the boys.  Before we knew their gender, one of my sisters-in-law was asking about possible names.  She asked, if since they were twins, we were going to make their names cutesy and matchy.  In horror, Norah shrieked, “No, Mama, don’t name them Cutesy and Matchy!”  And, I think even now, if you ask Aaron what the babies names will be, he confidently says Baby A and Baby B.

One of my favorite comments though came from Aaron one day after church.  Much of the time when we discuss the twins, we call them “the new babies” so as we were walking to our car, Aaron asked, “Mom, when are we getting rid of our old baby?”  Confused, I asked him what he meant.  Very matter of factly, he said, “Isaac is our old baby, and we’ve had him a long time.”  🙂