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What’s in a name?

25 Apr

When it came to naming all of our kids, I knew that I wanted there to be stories behind both their first and middle names.  My name has a story, and I love that.  This wasn’t nearly as important to Matt which lead to some disagreements when he would randomly pick out a name just because he liked it.  Thankfully, that dear man allowed our 4th and 5th children to indeed have “storied names” and made me quite happy in the process.  So, just in case you were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to know, here are the boys full names and the stories behind them.

Henry Robert Smith:
When Matt and I were kids, there were a variety of children’s sports movies that came out.  Little Giants, The Sandlot, The Mighty Ducks, Angels in the Outfield… they all take Matt back to his childhood and he will watch them every single time they rerun on television.  Every. Single. Time.  And, one of his favorites was for sure Rookie of the Year.  So as we were sitting discussing baby boy names, one of his suggestions (said in total jest) was Henry Rowengartner, the main character of that film.  And as we laughed about it, it suddenly occurred to me that I really like the name Henry.  Turns out Matt did, too.  We had a first name for Smith Kid #4!
When it came to middle names, I was insistent that they be family names.  Norah has my middle name, and Aaron and Isaac have Matt’s first and middle names respectively.  And while we went round and round about grandfathers and great grandfathers, we ultimately decided the the two men we loved more than any other in the world are our own dads.  Robert is my father-in-law, and he is such a precious and amazing man.  He taught Matt so much about the Lord and family and life, and he has been a really super father-in-law and grandfather.  He is an extraordinary blessing to our family, and I pray that Henry will follow in his middle namesake’s footsteps as he grows.

Nolan John Smith:
When we first started trying to have children years ago, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that our first born would be either Norah (inspired from the musician Norah Jones) or Nolan (after Matt’s favorite baseball player, Nolan Ryan).  For reasons I don’t even really know, after we had Norah, the name Nolan just never got used when Aaron and Isaac were born.  However, with the need for 2 more boy names this go around, Matt actually mentioned it to me and wanted to use it.  I have always loved it, so it was an easy sell.  We decided that Smith Kid #5 would be Nolan.  It seems fitting that we started with Norah, and now we are ending with Nolan.  That is the reason that we haven’t been calling the boys by name in utero because the baby who is born last, our youngest child, will be our Nolan.
Nolan’s first name is inspired by a baseball player, and in some ways, his middle name is too.  My daddy is John McGraw, named in part after a professional baseball player and manager with the same name from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s.  I have always been a Daddy’s girl, and giving Nolan a part of his name makes my heart so happy.  My daddy was my first love, and I am amazed at how even as an adult, the thought of seeing him makes me feel giddy.  He is truly unlike any other person I have ever known, and I adore him.  If Nolan has half of my daddy’s energy and zeal for life, then I know that our family will always be on our toes trying to keep up with him!

And now, as I am 28 weeks pregnant, we are 9 weeks from my “twin due date” of 37 weeks, and the reality of these babies is quickly approaching.  Henry and Nolan keep me awake at night, make me go to the bathroom often, and leave me breathless and with heartburn daily, yet I am reminded so often of how grateful I am and how blessed I feel by them.  I am terribly ready to see their faces, kiss them raw, and start figuring out how in the world to be a mother to 5 children.  Two children could not be loved any more than these boys already are, and I anxiously await them… my sons, my blessings, my Henry and Nolan.