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I ramble about Aaron’s rambles

28 Sep

Well, as I feared would be the case, life has overwhelmed me enough that I haven’t written in sometime. I feel like I could write something most everyday if only I had the time to sit down and do it… or the ability to keep my eyes open for an adequate length of time. Even now, my eyes are quite heavy and the yawning is getting a tad out of control. I think if I had something that would record me and then transcribe it, I would be golden. I’m sure they make something like that, but I have to spend money on food, electricity, and diapers so I can’t afford it.
I am terribly grateful for Facebook because it has provided me with an easy way to share funny tidbits about our family with little difficulty. And the majority of those things are usually Aaron-centered because he is our little comedian. He is by far the funniest of our children and the irony is that he doesn’t mean to be. Part of it is his delivery and unfortunately for people who don’t know him well, no typed story can really convey it. He is a product of McGraw genes though because he is a non-stop talker which means that we get plenty of funnies from him whether we want them or not.
A recent such occasion of unwanted Aaron ramble was in the wee hours of one morning. Having trouble sleeping, Aaron climbed into our bed around 3 o’clock in the morning. Better parents would have sent him back to his bed, but we aren’t better parents; we are tired parents who didn’t have it in us to be firm at that hour. I kid you not when I say that he talked for at least the following 90 minutes. His questions were met with “I don’t know, go to sleep,” but he was not deterred. “What was that noise? I heard something loud over there.” “Mom, when it gets to be my birthday, I want [insert extremely long description of a toy].” “Hey, Mom, when it gets Christmas, can I get a [insert extremely long description of a different toy].” “Daddy, I want milk. Can we go get me some when it is more morninger?” “When I’m 62, how old will Norah be?” “How much can you count? I can count to 20. Wanna hear?” Thankfully by the next day, Matt and I were able to laugh about much of it. (Although, I must confess, I find myself quite often wishing I could say, “Just shut up!” without scarring him and getting a chastising from Norah for saying ugly words.
I know that the day will probably come when Aaron doesn’t want to share his every waking thought with us and I will remember these days with fondness. All I know is it for sure isn’t today!