Having Twins…

6 Dec

Over the past year, I have encountered so many people who have said, “Oh, I always wanted twins!” or “I hope I will have twins one day!”  Let me go on record right now as saying that I was not ever one of those people, and I am positive that they are certifiable.  Sure, the ideas of cute matching outfits and precious posed pictures make the thought of having two babies a tiny bit appealing.  But the work for two infants is quite honestly kicking my rear end.  I’ll just be straight with you and say that having twins is nothing like I thought it would be!

I had just never given thought to exactly how hard it would be to simultaneously feed bottles to two screaming, squirming children.  (And I am refusing to think of the fast approaching intro to solids that is inevitable.  I barely get myself fed these days as it is!)  It also hadn’t occurred to me that both babies would employ the age old “dirty up the new” trick at the exact same time.  You know that trick… “this lady just put a fresh diaper on me so let me fill it with the foulest poop imaginable.  A new shirt?  Let me christen it with my last feeding!”  And the bleary morning hours are all the more exhausting when you are walking or rocking with ear-piercing screaming in stereo.  Well, and who even knew how hard it could be to carry 2 infant car seats as the boys apparently continue their quest to put on enough weight to be sumo wrestlers.  (Seriously–these are the fattest babies I’ve ever had!)

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it to be like this.  No one could really have prepared me for how hard it would be.

You know, sometimes I prop both boys up in the recliner or on a pillow so that I can get just a moment’s break. Then they look at me at the exact same time with big blue eyes, and their faces break out into the widest grins, and my heart almost stops beating because I am so absolutely in love with two chubby, drooling bald guys.  Nothing could have prepared me for having both of my hands tickling on two baby bellies and hearing peals of laughter from them at the same time.  And every night, I get one of the boys swaddled and ready for bed, inhaling his baby scent and kissing his fuzzy head until I feel intoxicated with him, and then I become the most fortunate woman in the world to get to do the whole process all over again with the other baby.

Man, I surely didn’t think having twins would be like this.  There is no way anybody could have put into words the absolute exhilaration and total heart-bursting joy that having these twins would be.

I pretty sure that even though there is twice all of the hard stuff when it comes to twins, the good stuff is worth infinitely more than that!


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