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The Hearing of Children

5 Apr

Things my children can hear from any part of the house (or maybe even a neighbor’s house):

1. My bathroom door shutting

2. My rear end making contact with a chair

3. The opening of a can of soda

4. My husband’s alarm clock on a morning when he has to get up early but the rest of us have no where to go

5. The phone ringing

6. A T.V. turning on

7. Any electronic device being used

8. The crinkle of a chip bag or of cookie packaging

9. Their own names if I am not actually talking to them

10. A sibling touching their things.

11. Any word or phrase

One might think that with this super sonic hearing, children would never incur any bouts of being unable to hear.  Well, one would be quite wrong.

Things my children cannot hear regardless of where they are:

1. Their own names if I am actually talking to them

2. Instructions

3. My call to wake up on a school morning

4. The word “NO”

5. The word “STOP”