Biopsy Result Update

1 Sep

Picture this…

You are the star quarterback, and your team is about to play your biggest rival.  You are in the locker room, the coach is giving a spirited pep talk, and you are getting geared up to go play the game of your life in front of a packed stadium.  Your teammates are banging the lockers and their helmets, and everyone is fired up to go play in the game of their lives.  You run out of the locker room and tear through the big paper banner only to realize that the other team didn’t come.  You still get the win, but it is oddly disappointing because you were so ready to play this game.

That is the closest analogy I can think of to explain how I felt yesterday when my biopsy results came back.  Last Friday, without saying it right out, the radiologist let us know that from my MRI, this was going to be cancer.  My cousin who is an expert in breast radiology told me on Saturday night after reviewing my images that this was going to come back as cancer.  Both of them said that if the biopsy came back negative, they wouldn’t believe it.

Yesterday afternoon just before 5, I spoke with a nurse who said that my biopsy had come back showing Lobular Carcinoma In Situ which is not the aggressive cancer that we were expecting.  I was shocked, and apparently so was everyone who had been consulted on my case.  The pathologist who looked at my biopsy didn’t believe it.  The other radiologists who met yesterday to discuss it didn’t believe it.  Dr. Lee (my mother’s oncologist who I will be using) looked at my films and told my dad that everything he saw points to Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.  I had been gearing up for the fight of my life and had adrenaline pumping through my veins because we were going to jump into action and take this cancer down!  To hear better than expected news was great–but it left me with emotions that I still have a hard time putting into words.

So, what now?  Well, I am going to meet with my oncologist in the morning (Wednesday) because he would like for me to have a few additional tests done.  Lobular breast cancer is very rogue and unpredictable so we need to make sure it isn’t present anywhere else.  This will give me so much peace of mind that something isn’t being missed.  Dr. Lee will help me get set up with my surgeon as well.  Even if there isn’t a single speck of cancer in my body, this area in my left breast needs to be removed.  It is 9 cm by 6 cm which means that a mastectomy is going to be required.  That is something that I am just now starting to totally wrap my brain around as a 32 year old.

Please be praying that no cancer will appear in any further testing and that I can get appointments with the right people to have the right procedures in the right time.  Regardless of the outcome, God is in control, and my faith has been bolstered so greatly in part thanks to how many of you are loving me and my family through this.  I’m blessed beyond words by you and am eternally thankful for your encouragement.

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3


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