Biopsy result

3 Sep

My radiologist from yesterday just called me. Dr. Brown took 7 or 8 biopsy samples yesterday and NONE of them were cancerous, and NONE of them showed LCIS which is not at all what she was expecting.  She said that the biopsy showed various levels of abnormalities like fibro-cystic changes, but there wasn’t anything alarming about that.

So what’s next?  We still go to the surgeon on Tuesday because he will need to surgically remove a part of the mass where the LCIS was found.  There is still a chance that there is cancer there, and we need to explore every avenue until we know for sure.

I know I have already alluded to this, but honestly, I am still so overwhelmed by you all.  I have been surrounded by more love, more affirmation, and more prayer over the past week than I can ever recount.  I serve a mighty God who loves and values each of His children, and I am so grateful to belong to Him.  He will sustain me today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my days.

Please continue to pray for more good news at each step as we continue to move forward.

Again, love to you all.


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