Oncology visit and rebiopsy

3 Sep

It was a long day in Knoxville, and our amazing friend Lauren for sure earned stars in her crown for spending 8+ hours with the 3 little boys AND cooking our supper!  And then neighbor extraordinaire Lane picked up the 2 older kids from school.

Mother, Daddy, and I (and Matt on speaker phone) met with my oncologist, Dr. Lee at 9 o’clock this morning.  He came in on his day off to see me.  Meeting with him first is somewhat backwards, but my surgeon is out of town this week so Dr. Lee had agreed to come in to get orders in for me to get some other things taken care of.  Once we left that office, we had to go to Tennova North to get all of my images from the past 2 weeks for the KCBC–Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center.  We may have also made a stop at Five Guys and eaten some delicious burgers and fries, too!

At KCBC, they wanted me to have another MRI. Because this facility only does breast imaging, their MRI machine is designed to produce a very different kind of imaging than a standard machine.  After some back and forth with our insurance company, I was approved for the MRI with the argument that I had 3 suspicious spots show up in my right breast through last weeks MRI and they needed to be checked out further.  Thankfully, it was a move that paid off because today there was nothing at all on the right side!  As for the left side, Dr. Brown, the radiologist, showed me the images and was able to explain so much to me about my mass.  (She felt like an accurate size measurement was around 4.1 cm.)  She likened it to a child’s drawing of the sun, a large blob with random rays drawn around it.  She then decided to do an ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy to take tissue samples from hopefully some different places as my biopsy from last week.  If I remember right, she took 7 samples from a variety of angles around the site in question and then placed a titanium marker in the injection site to let us know later where she had been.

Here is the part that was really neat to me… I then went for a mammogram to check the positioning of the marker, and I was able to see both today’s and Friday’s markers.  From the angle, I could see that Friday’s marker was at the edge of the mass and today’s looked to be right in the middle of the mass.  Dr. Brown was optimistic that today’s biopsy samples will be more likely to come back as cancerous if cancer really is present.  She said that it does appear to be a cancerous mass to her but also said that nothing could be said for sure without the pathology results.  As a human, it is totally possible to be wrong based only on sight, and I appreciated her humility in knowing her limitations.  She will call me tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon herself with the results but warned that it may be well after 5 depending on her schedule.

Matt and I (along with with my parents I think) will meet with my surgeon on Tuesday at 5 o’clock.  The results of my biopsy will very much determine my course, obviously.  If there is no trace of cancer, then I will have to have the mass removed anyway.  It is too large to leave in and risk it containing even the slightest trace of cancer that we didn’t find.  Depending on my surgeon’s opinion, I very well may need a mastectomy since the mass is rather large.  On one hand, the thought terrifies me, but I am trusting in God’s provisions either way.  If the results tomorrow are cancerous, then we will have to determine whether I want chemo to try to shrink the tumor before we remove it.  Or, if I would rather, I can just elect for the mastectomy.  Based on all of the statistics I have been given, I am leaning heavily towards one option more so than the other.

As before, thank you for the continued prayers.  The encouraging notes, texts, messages, and calls are priceless, and I am just sorry that I feel so slow at responding to some of you.  It is not because I don’t appreciate you!

Love to you all.


2 Responses to “Oncology visit and rebiopsy”

  1. Debi Jackson September 3, 2015 at 8:17 pm #

    I pray God will give you peace about the decision you have to make. It is not a one size fits all thing to do. You have to do what God is leading you to do. Deut. 31:8

  2. Charlotte Dobso September 3, 2015 at 10:58 pm #

    Prayers are being sent for you.

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