Meeting with the Surgeon

9 Sep

We met this evening with my surgeon, Dr. Webber. My parents, Matt, and I all left really pleased; he has a lot of experience in breast surgery and made us feel much better about the coming weeks.

First, my surgical biopsy is scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon.  Because of anesthesia, I am going to have a long day without food, but I’m grateful that they could get me on the schedule.  This will be a guided wire biopsy, and the doctor will be taking a portion of the abnormal area from my first biopsy, the one that showed LCIS.  If there is cancer present, my doctors feel like the odds are that it will be in this area.

Second, the surgeon said that if the results are not cancerous, then he doesn’t think the entire area needs to removed right away.  I would be closely followed to make sure that there were no changes, but it would eliminate the need (at least for the time being) for a mastectomy.  I’m grateful that we have some breathing room in regards to that, because I wasn’t feeling ready to make that decision.  Again, there is still a chance that they will find cancer, and if that happens, then everything goes out the window and we start over from square one.

Please be praying for the next week of waiting we face plus another several days following the biopsy before the pathology results return.  Of course, my constant prayer is that there is no trace of cancer, but I also am praying for grace regardless.

A precious praying friend reminded me today of the story of Moses holding his hands up during battle in Exodus 17:11-12.  Dear family, friends, and blog followers, thank you being here with me and holding up my arms when I have been ready to let them fall.  The Lord is fighting this battle, and I am grateful to be used by Him in anyway He sees fit.  And you bless me immensely by loving me through these days.  It could never be enough to say, but thank you.  A million times, thank you.


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