Just a “Thought Update” (Friday, 9/11/15)

11 Sep

During the summer of 2003, my parents moved from Ellisville, MS, to Jefferson City, TN.  In an effort to help Matt and me (aka poor college student newly weds), they offered for us to live in their house rent free during our senior year of college and keep it up until it could be sold.  Because we were planning a move to TN after graduation, Matt and I had a trip planned during our Spring Break to look for a house.  We ended up not being able to go because we got a stomach virus that we still actually refer to as “The Virus” because it was so horrendous.  A month later, my parents got and accepted an offer on their house and the clock started ticking on having to leave the house.  Closing was set for the Tuesday before our college graduation which meant that we had to move all of our belongings to TN the weekend before.  Because we had not been able to come look for a house in March, we planned to move all of our things into my parents’ garage.  My parents had been looking for a house for us, and before we even got the Penske truck unloaded in Jefferson City, we went to see a house in Strawberry Plains that we loved and ended up buying.  The price of the house had been dropped not long before that and had we not made an offer that day, the owners were going to do a lease purchase with someone else.

Why do I tell that story?  Because when I look back at the provisions of God, that is the first time in my life when I really saw Him orchestrate such a major retrospective “tiny details, big picture” event for me.  Had we come to TN in March, we wouldn’t have looked at that house because it was more than we wanted to spend.  Had the closing not forced us to TN the weekend before graduation, we wouldn’t have seen that house before it was leased.  It was in no means the perfect house, but I do believe it was exactly where God wanted us to be, and we were incredibly happy there.  When sold that house in 2010, we actually made money from it which became a stepping stone towards the home that we are in the process of selling now.

God has proven faithful over and over in my life in little and big situations.  Unprompted by me but moved by the Holy Spirit, we have had people give us things when we were in need.  We have come across situations of physical protection when we could have faced injury.  And, in the most difficult and trying of times, Matt and I have felt the love of God above and beyond our circumstances.  At the end of every day, we have known without a shadow of a doubt that we haven’t been alone.

Right now, the situation with my health is at a bit of a pause.  I have had 2 biopsies and am awaiting the 3rd on September 16th.  Whether I have cancer or not is still an unknown as we wait.  And honestly, I’m thankful for that for the minute because Matt and I have been pretty consumed with the thoughts of where we are going to live once our house is sold.  The details of the story are not important, but the house that we were going to buy may not work out–but we still just don’t know.  So, we have been looking for another house with the knowledge that God really may have something else planned for us that we just cannot see.  (The people who are buying our house at the end of this month have been gracious enough to say that we can rent from them for a few weeks until we figure out where to go.)

We looked at a house weeks ago that we liked, but by the time we put in an offer in, someone else had signed a contract on it the day before.  We found another house a while back that we really love and have made a couple of different offers on, but the owners haven’t been willing to budge on their price.  We cannot afford to buy it as it is now because it would require some repairs up front that we have to factor into our finances.  I’m telling you that we have considered every house that is listed with a realtor or online as For Sale By Owner in both Hamblen and Jefferson Counties, and there is not even one home that will meet all of our current needs.  We are not willing to make a purchase as large as a house if it isn’t a place we can stay for many years.

That leaves us with a few options… we can rent or around the end of October, we can move in with my parents.  If we rent in Hamblen County, then our children can stay in their schools through the end of the school year.  However, we found out yesterday that if we live with my parents, our children would have to withdraw from their schools at the end of the grading period they are in at the time of the move.  Please be praying that it doesn’t come to that and that the Lord will give us clear direction about a house to buy.

I have repeated Romans 8:28 to myself so many times over the past several days, and I know and believe that it is true… God IS working ALL things to the good for Matt and me.  As followers of Christ, we love Him and are called to His purposes, not our own.  Psalm 138:8 is a favorite of my mother’s to reference… the Lord will accomplish what concerns our family.  I truly want to live a Matthew 6:25-34 life, free from worry and full of faith in God to provide our needs.  It does not mean that Matt and I will sit back idly and wait for things to be handed to us, but we will continue to pursue every avenue that we can in full trust that He will never leave or forsake us (Deut. 31:6).

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.  I would encourage each of you to find a way today to put your trust in He who is greater than this world!


One Response to “Just a “Thought Update” (Friday, 9/11/15)”

  1. Sue Walker September 14, 2015 at 5:03 pm #

    Beth Ann, you are incredible. God WLL continue to lead and guide you and provide for you. You have your trust and confidence in the Right Source. I continue praying for your health. Thanks so much for the updates.
    I love you,
    Sue Walker

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