Surgical Biopsy update (9/17/15)

17 Sep

Yesterday was my surgical biopsy.  It was a very long day and I just wasn’t able to update last night for a variety of reasons.  I had to be at the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center at 11:15 for the radiologist to place guide wires for my surgeon to know what to biopsy.  Basically, after numbing me with a shot of local anesthetic, long wires were put into my breast tissue.  There were lots of x-rays taken to ensure that they were placed correctly, and while it wasn’t super painful, it was pretty uncomfortable.  After it was over, I had to be taped up to make sure the wires didn’t move, and I was unable to wear a bra so I stuck it down in my purse.  (Sorry if that is TMI… that is a relevant detail in a bit, though.)

We still had well over an hour before I had to be at the hospital, so Mother and I went to McKay’s Used Bookstore.  I had several bags of books and DVD’s to sell, and Mother wanted to run get herself lunch while I waited in the store.  Once my items had been sorted through, I went to the desk to get paid.  In order to receive payment, you have to show them ID, so I reached into my purse to grab my wallet.  As I pulled it out, the corner of the wallet got hung on my bra and I ended up flopping it out onto the counter.  I was mortified, but thankfully the employee who witnessed it was kind enough to ignore it.

Mother and I got to the hospital and sat in the surgery waiting room for a while until they were ready to take me back.  My surgeon came out and went to a family waiting there, and we overheard the following:

Doctor: “She did great and we got the entire mass with no trouble. You can see her in just a little bit.”
Family member: “Thank you so much. When can we expect the autopsy report?” (There was a stunned silence.) “Pathology! I meant the pathology report!”

We laughed so much about that and have joked several times since about when I will get my “autopsy report” back!

I went back and got prepped for my surgery.  I had an IV put in, and thankfully the nurse was able to give me a little something for pain because the numbing from my wire insertion had worn off.  There was a blur of nurses, the anesthesiologist, and my surgeon, plus a visit from the pastor of the church where I work.  Matt and Daddy arrived at some point, and once they administered some “knock out” drugs in my IV, I was out.  Thankfully, the surgery went really well.  The doctor told Matt and my parents that he took out a golf ball sized piece of the mass and did some reconstruction of that area as well.  He said there was very little bleeding and expected my recovery to go well.  The pathology report should hopefully be back on Monday.

When I woke up after the surgery, it is pretty fuzzy.  I know I was given a coke to drink, and Matt said that when they came into the room with me, I stopped drinking and much like a Budweiser commercial said, “Whazzzzup!”  I was very chatty (which is no surprise to anyone), and Mother asked the nurses if my behavior was normal in comparison to what other patients do.  They said the people generally do talk a lot but weren’t usually as funny.  I’m not totally sure exactly what I said, but there is a rumor floating around that as I was wheeled out of the hospital to the van, I was giving the Miss America wave and saying, “Here I am!”

As of today, I am feeling good… sore, tired, but really feeling ok.  Maybe that is in part to the mental boost that Matt and I got yesterday when we put in an offer on a house and it was accepted!  I will try to type that story up later because it is another one of those examples of the Lord working things out so perfectly that there is no doubt who was in control!

As always, thanks for the prayers.  Love to you all!


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