I’m way past crazy

30 Sep

So many people are new to the blog because they were following my health updates. If you are one of those people, then you may not know that I started this thing a couple of years ago to chronicle the absolute hilarity that my life sometimes is with my kids. Basically any time I take the children in public, there is a funny story to be told from it. They aren’t bad kids… they are just really funny and awkward and precious, and they basically every day make me feel close to being crazy.

Tonight, I proved that even alone, I am well past crazy.

At 9 pm, I left Matt and 5 sleeping children at home, and I headed to Walmart for a blissful meandering of the aisles. (I love grocery shopping as long as I can do it alone!) At 10 pm, I strolled out the doors with my groceries and out to the van. I unloaded the bags into the passenger side of my van, put up my buggy, and went to the driver’s side to open my door. My door was locked. Hmm. I went to the passenger side. That door was locked. Hmm. I dug through my purse which I still had on my shoulder. I checked every door on the van. I dug back through my purse in desperation. I peered through the window, and there on the console were my daggum keys.  I didn’t remember putting them there, and I didn’t remember locking the door.  But clearly, I did.

So, after I called Matt and lamented about my serious lapse in sanity, I called my friend Lane who lives down the street from me.  I had to explain my situation and ask her to do one of two things: A) go sit at my house with my sleeping kids while Matt brought me a spare key or B) go to my house to get the spare key and then bring it to me.  At 10 o’clock. PM. On a Tuesday night.  Thankfully, she is one of the most gracious people I know, and while she laughed a good bit at my predicament, she volunteered to bring me the spare key.  She was nice enough to insist that she really needed to go to the store anyway because she was out of paper towels and coffee.

I feel like Lane has had to help me a lot recently because I am so nuts.  If she ever needs a kidney, I’m pretty sure I’m indebted enough that I should be first in the donor line.


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