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In the words of Bonnie Lewis…

28 Oct

Jen Hatmaker is a Christian author and speaker with whom I think I share a very similar sense of humor, and I relate to her frequently.  She has 5 kids that she absolutely loves but who drive her crazy–um, hello, welcome to my world–and in a Facebook post today, she shared encouragement to the moms going through Target with screaming kids.

“This too shall pass.”

It is a phrase that I personally have heard more times than I can count.  For every crazy awful day with my young children, there has been someone to tell me how quickly these days go by.  And I don’t doubt that at all because when I look at my kids, I feel quite sure that just last week, I held them each as newborns.  I never thought I would be the wistful mom who got weepy about missing her babies, yet I find myself there sometimes.

BUT… oh, and it is a big but… never in my life have I doubted myself more or been so absolutely maddened by human beings than I find myself during “these days” in parenting.  Some of it is a result of some poor parenting on my part, I would imagine, but I recognize that there is so much of it that is totally about the fact that I am a very flawed woman trying to deal with 5 very flawed children who sometimes throw tantrums in public.

So, when I stumbled onto Jen’s post this afternoon, I immensely enjoyed reading through some of the comments from other moms who are clearly walking down the same path in life that I am, other ladies in the trenches.  It is in those comments that I discovered Bonnie Lewis who relayed her own thought process in the “my kid is screaming in Target” times in life… “I just survive. And I’m damn good at it.  Surviving is my JAM.”

Y’all, I basically get up every day just hoping that I can keep everyone alive. The laundry is never caught up, the dishes are never all clean, the crumbs are never all swept. In the Smith house right now, we are just surviving, just working towards getting past whatever hurdle is next. And Bonnie?  She nailed it, took the words right out of my mouth.

Surviving is my jam.

And for right now, for this moment, I’m totally ok with that.