Undeserved Grace

4 May

I won’t bore anyone with the day in, day out hectic-ness that my life has been over the past weeks… but trust me–I’ve felt overwhelmed.  So yesterday when I found out that someone had stolen my debit card information and taken all but $180 from our checking account, I was furious.  It wasn’t so much about the money because we will be able to get it back.  But, I was so angry about the inconvenience of it all.  You see, Matt got paid on Friday, so they took the money I was going to pay all of our bills with for the month. It just puts extra work on me to try to get everything paid on time now.  The sheriff’s office sent someone to the house to file a report, and I will have to now go to the sheriff’s office to pick up a copy of it.  Then, I will have to go to the bank and do paperwork.  There will be time that we have to sit and wait while everything gets sorted out.  So, yeah, I was mad.

My first thoughts were of how much I hated the person/people who did this to me.  I told myself that I didn’t deserve this.  Why didn’t they rob a wealthy person who had plenty to spare or someone who didn’t have 5 kids to take care of?  And almost immediately, God struck my heart with so much guilt over that attitude.  Last year in the most tumultuous season of my life, I never once asked God why I was walking that road.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could do it with my head held high, not because I was capable alone or had confidence in myself, but because God was telling His story of grace and love and redemption through my circumstances.

And now God wants me to bask in His goodness in this, too.

You see, in all of my anger yesterday, God kept prodding my soul with the words of John 16:33.  I tried to ignore it, but the words kept bubbling up through my ugliness.

“… In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

And as those words ran in my mind over and over, I became so awed over the tense of the verbs that Jesus used.  I will have trouble... but He has overcome.  Every day will have problems, but He conquered death.  He has already won.  I don’t have to wait on that.

I am the robber, I am the thief, I am the crook.

Yet, I am redeemed.

Thank you, Lord.


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