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Here we go again, sort of

18 Jul

After last fall’s health scare, my doctors and I made the decision to have my yearly mammogram/ultrasound and my MRI staggered so that I could be imaged more often to potentially catch any malignancy very early.

Last week, I had my yearly MRI, and it took a few days before I heard the results. However, when I answered the phone and was speaking directly to the radiologist instead of to a nurse, I knew immediately that she had found something.  Just like in the past, the issues are in my left breast. There are two areas of abnormalities near the sight of my surgical biopsy last year, one to the left and one in front. So, I am scheduled for an MRI guided biopsy of those areas on July 28th.

In some sense, I feel right back where we were less than a year ago when this journey started, but in other ways, I feel more confident in where we are heading. I think there is a big possibility that this is the same LCIS from before that┬ádidn’t get removed during surgery and is spreading out. However, the only way to know is obviously to get it biopsied.

Please be praying for continual strength and rest for Matt and me as we wait for the biopsy and results. We believe in His sovereign goodness and rejoice in God our Savior!

Love always,