Stupid Eclipse…

22 Aug

Well, today was the day.  The highly anticipated solar eclipse finally happened, and because we live so close to the path of totality, the children’s school was cancelled because why not.  And, today was Matt’s first day back to work which worked out super conveniently for him.

We were out late last night so I had hoped that maybe the children would sleep in a little this morning.  But you know what they say about assuming.

6 o’clock this morning, Norah climbed into our bed.  10 minutes later, here came Aaron.  By 6:30, they were both getting dressed for the day.  And of course, Aaron had to turn a light on to find clothes and woke Isaac up.  So yay for that.  Isaac crawled into bed with me, and I was determined to stay in bed for as long as possible.

At some point close to 7, I became aware of the front door open a few times, and I heard discussions (loudly near the sleeping twins’ door) between Norah and Aaron debating about sitting on the front porch versus riding their bikes in the driveway.  As Matt finished getting ready, I knew that he would head down soon and be able to make sure they were on the straight and narrow.

7:10 a.m. and Matt informs me that he just found our two oldest kids AT THE NEIGHBOR’S FRONT DOOR.  The little boy that lives there and told them all summer not to wake him up until 9:15 got his doorbell rung just after 7.  Oh, Matt and I were livid.

We called the kids back to the house in horror.  One of them wasn’t wearing shoes, the other was parading up the road in a bathing suit, and they both had dewy grass plastered to their legs.  And the poor little neighbor boy was slowly and sleepily trudging up the hill towards our house just in time to hear us reminding our kids that they were supposed to have done some chores before playing with anyone anyway!  They woke that kid up for naught!

I kissed Matt goodbye and headed up to work on getting myself ready for the day.  And by getting ready, I mean I was going to brush my hair and put enough deodorant on to cover up any stink.  In the short amount of time it took me to do that, Aaron apparently felt like he had cleaned enough.  He was pretty disappointed when I pointed out that everything he had shoved under his bed actually needed to come out and be put away.

Tears, begging, bargaining.  “But Mom, no one will ever even see it under there!”

After convincing him that I would not budge, I walked out of his room to see the previously mentioned next door neighbor boy PLUS the little girl from across the street.  And I honestly don’t know how my children managed to do it, but they conned those kids into helping clean the boys’ room so that they could all go out and play together faster.

Good news, folks… this story has a happy ending because by 8 o’clock, the 3 older kids were all across the street playing at someone else’s house.  And they managed to stay there for 80% of the day.

Plus, most importantly… they go back to school tomorrow!

(Just in case anyone thinks I am totally cold and heartless which it comes to my kids, I did sob unmercifully tonight at a commercial about kids growing up and had a slight panic attack at the thought of them getting older and leaving the house!)


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